Coming back

📅 21/04/2019

Not that I was gone or anything, just a clickbaitish title to kickstart this blog update. There's been a bunch of stuff that has changed and wanted to give a heads-up. Basically, I deleted the blog section of the website and merged it with the feed, so now everything is gathered under the same category. This is good and bad, because now I am mixing what I call "quality" content, that is long stories and texts that I write in my mothertonge (Spanish), and small blog updates like this one, written in English (because I still want to keep writing and practising in English some stuff). Why don't you write all those stories in English you may say? Well, because I'm not fluent enough, and I can't be arsed translating them with a dictionary. 

The other big update is that I tried to recover all the content from my previous blog. Thanks to the archive of internet I have access to those all cringy posts that I wrote when I was 15 years old, so I tried my best to import all that data. I couldn't and didn't actually try very hard to import the comments section, but there wasn't that much activity anyway. What I want is to have a nice chronology of my evolution and my thoughts, and since I have been writing and posting in various blogs along the years, why not gather them all here that seems to be my proudest effort to actually be consistent with the updates. There's still a lot of work to do, and I am not even sure about how to proceed, but mostly I want to keep the quality posts, and delete the nonsense while keeping it as original as I can. 

Let's see how it goes!