Writing a blog post

📅 14/05/2016

I’ve always like the idea of having a personal blog, a place where I can freely give my opinion about certain topics, showing my work, or doing some tutorials or these kind of things. What personal blogs are indeed, more or less. But none of my blogs have survived long enough to be something consistent I can be proud of. And I wonder why.

Probably the most important skill required to maintain a blog is writing, and persistence aswell. And I used to sit in front of my keyboard thinking “I have to write something” to fill up my blog, but had no ideas prepared before. And writing texts without a previously elaborated plan is only a good idea if you are Hemingway or some kind of genius. Which I’m not. So trying to force a small idea into something longer was what at the end I was always trying to do. And probably those blogs posts could have been something interesting, but written with time and dedication. Doing some research about the topic, and summarising which ideas should be inside and which ones should be thrown out could have done a greater positive impact in those texts. And probably I wouldn’t ended up deleting all that content. But I suppose improvisation is another important skill I need to consider, as nowadays the speed information travel is just inhuman, and taking your time in writing a review or an article can be a bad business if you work in media, where competition levels are huge and first one that publish any content is the owner of it in these electronic times.

However, I should say that I’ve never worked with deadlines when writing, I just had high and lows, and is in those high moments when I feel I should write something valuable because in that precise moment words are just appearing one after another in mind, so there’s the rush to immortalise them. In conclusion, writing is probably no different than other skills like drawing or singing or whatever: it just requires a lot of practise.