Mostly updates about my work or what I'm doing at the moment.

Sci-fi Assault Rifle

📅 10/01/2018

Yay! Been a while since I update this. Happy new years by the way! I have been doing a very big character in my free time, but had to take some time away from it, so I modelled a simple gun for him. It's basically an AK47 modified (my personal take on it) very low poly and stuff. Here's a couple of images and a link to the artstation post! Link to the artstation post, leave a like maybe? https://www.artstation.com/art...

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FT - Runner 01

📅 12/12/2017

More portfolio work. This project goals were: to design a game ready stylised futuristic character, set in a cyberpunk world. The game is an endless runner where the character has to evade obstacles in order to keep going, so I designed her with lightweight protection and sneaker shoes.Overall I'm really happy with this project results, being it my first "serious" game ready character. There are some things I would do differently by now, but it's time to give it some closure and start new projects. It's all a learning process and I'm just at the start of it.You can check...

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FT 01-10 - Royalty forgotten robot

📅 16/07/2017

Doing some tests with zbrush and marvelous. The original idea was to make a simple character with basic shapes to make a low poly version game ready of it... Well, I guess somewhere in the middle of the process I forgot about that 😅. Anyway, the design core is still solid: primitives from 3DS Max as separated objects, so all the detail can be baked into normal maps and keep a nice and simple topology. Updated 15/08/2017: Continuing the work with the forgotten robot sculpt, now I have the low poly version I’ve been working on and also making some tests...

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Steam punk Cat!

📅 14/07/2017

Re-rendered this dude for portfolio purposes, guess I'll post it here aswell. I will put him in game one day. The character is a Cat pilot set in a steampunk world, was thinking I could design some kind of rocket/plane-ish vehicle for him to actually pilot something, but yeah, need some free time for that. This was the initial sketch I made before going into ZBrush. A close up to the face (pretty handsome, ikr). More of this stuff at my artstation!

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Metalhalla's art dump

📅 02/07/2017

Art dump post with the work I've done for Metalhalla, the videogame I've been developing along with the @cr1minalcat team in UPC BarcelonaTech. The work posted will be mostly 3D models, although I did some concept research and some UI design, but it's still very WIP. "Metalhalla is a 2.5D metroidvania viking themed action platformer with some phantasy vibes." "Sigmund" the hero: Sigmund's concept art 3DS Max viewport screenshot of the models Texture maps Lightning effects (done by my team mate @DperParadise) The enemy "Brute" viking: Friekgart (the final boss) 3D mockup of the game scenario (used to showcase the concept)...

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Portugal '16

📅 15/12/2016

An amateur video montage with the footage captured by my friend Pepe when we went on a little road trip to Portugal this summer. We visited the famous "Algarve" in Portugal in 5 days, sleeping in a different city each night and doing some bodyboarding in the middle (we almost died the last day). Done with Final Cut Pro and the music was in my pc but I don't remember its name 😅. Link: Portugal '16

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Keep going!

📅 16/05/2016

After almost killing myself (I'm an amateur) trying to understand how CraftCMS works, I now have an pretty good idea of the most basic concepts. I have been able to customize the default template to something that is more appealing (at least for me, atm) and tried to adapt it as best as I could to be responsive. The templates structure is kinda different from what I have been used to from other CMS, but I think it's pretty robust and once you have understood the basic layout it's nothing to complain about. Very easy to modify and plenty...

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We just installed craft!

📅 14/05/2016

Default post that CraftCMS creates in the default website, but I have deleted all the propangada about the CMS. Nevertheless I'm very happy with the installation process, very easy and simple to follow, by using the user guide in their website. The control panel interface is awesome, simple but efective, without all that Wordpress paraphernalia and other blogging platforms nonsense they add I don't really know why. 10/10 would install again 👌.

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