Metalhalla's art dump

📅 02/07/2017

Art dump post with the work I've done for Metalhalla, the videogame I've been developing along with the @cr1minalcat team in UPC BarcelonaTech. The work posted will be mostly 3D models, although I did some concept research and some UI design, but it's still very WIP.

"Metalhalla is a 2.5D metroidvania viking themed action platformer with some phantasy vibes."

"Sigmund" the hero:

Sigmund's concept art

3DS Max viewport screenshot of the models

Texture maps

Lightning effects (done by my team mate @DperParadise)

The enemy "Brute" viking:

Friekgart (the final boss)

3D mockup of the game scenario (used to showcase the concept):

Scenario final props:

The game scenario 

[Done with the previous props + Unity's awesome Terrain Gameobject]

Dungeon entrance

Dungeon main area

Dungeon pre-boss area

Will update the post with more game content soon!

Thanks for watching :)