FT 01-10 - Royalty forgotten robot

📅 16/07/2017

Doing some tests with zbrush and marvelous. The original idea was to make a simple character with basic shapes to make a low poly version game ready of it... Well, I guess somewhere in the middle of the process I forgot about that 😅. Anyway, the design core is still solid: primitives from 3DS Max as separated objects, so all the detail can be baked into normal maps and keep a nice and simple topology.

Updated 15/08/2017:

Continuing the work with the forgotten robot sculpt, now I have the low poly version I’ve been working on and also making some tests with Substance Painter.

This is a sketchfab screenshot of the model with the textures designed in Substance. I think it looks pretty good!

This was the initial process for designing the overall shape and the sculpted details.

These are the results of the retopology, uvs and texture work (a lot of work!) Total maps include: diffuse map, normal map, metallic map and emissive map). Model is around 2.2k faces.

Aand you can check here the Sketchfab 3D viewer (with a little animation I did to give him some "life").